Bank-PO (IBPS) General-Awareness Banking and Finance Revision (Page 12 of 40)

Coupon Rate

The stated interest rate on a bond.


A definite provision in a loan contract.

Credit Crunch

Refers to a situation where supply of credit falls even though there is sufficient demand for it.

Credit History

A record of how a person or company has borrowed and repaid debts.

Credit Risk

The risk of loss from failure of the counterparty to perform as agreed (contracted).

Credit Scoring System

A statistical system used to determine whether or not to grant credit by assigning numerical scores to various characteristics relating to creditworthiness.


A creditor’s measure of a consumer’s or company’s past and future ability and willingness to repay debts.

Cross default

Two loan agreements connected by a clause that allows one lender to recall the loan if the borrower defaults with another, and vice versa.

Cumulative Dividends

A feature of preferred stock that requires all past dividends on preferred stock to be paid before any equity dividends are paid.

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