Asset/Liability Management involves a set of techniques to create value and manage risks in a bank.

Accrued Interest

Interest earned but not yet received.


Purchase of controlling interest in a firm, generally through tender offer for the target shares.


Insurance company official, responsible for estimating future claims and disbursement and for calculating necessary fund and premium levels.

Advising Bank

A Bank usually located in the country of residence of an Exporter, used by an Importer’s bank to authenticate a Letter of Credit before it is passed on to the Exporter.


A written statement, sworn to be true by the person signing it, before someone authorized by court of law.

Agent Bank

A participating bank in a syndicated loan that handles all the operations and deals with the borrower on behalf of the members of the syndicate.

American Depository Receipt (ADR)

A certificate registered in the holder’s name or as a bearer security giving title to a specified number of shares in a non-US-based company deposited in a bank outside the USA. These certificates are traded on US stock exchanges.

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