Work, Energy and Power-Conservation of Mechanical Energy (BITSAT Physics): Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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A simple pendulum with a bob of mass oscillates from to and back to A such that is H. If the acceleration due to gravity is , then the velocity of the bob as it passes through B is –

Sector c Sector c: CircularSector [A, B, C] Segment f Segment f: Segment [D, E] Point A A = (2.14,1.74) Point A A = (2.14,1.74) Point B B = (-0.86,1.7) Point B B = (-0.86,1.7) Point C C = (5.18,1.72) Point C C = (5.18,1.72) Point D Point D: Point on cPoint D Point D: Point on cPoint E E = (2.14,3.64) Point E E = (2.14,3.64) A text1 = “A”B text1_1 = “B”C text1_2 = “C”P text1_3 = “P”H text1_4 = “H”

a Simple Pendulum Oscillate From A to C

In figure a simple pendulum with a bob of mass m oscillates from A to C is shown.


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