AP (Advanced Placement) World History: Questions 1 of 588

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Explain in ONE way the real nature of Central Asia Polity.



  • The Central Asian polity was endorsed by the Mughals in numerous ways, bearing Mongol and Turk՚s traits. But disagreement occurs about the extent of Mongol and Turkish impacts. Some Historians hold that Mongol traditions are dominant, while others imply that Turkish influence was so robust that the Mongol system had certainly been transformed into what can only be established as Turco-Mongol.
  • When Chingiz Khan arrived at Central Asia, his army mainly encompassed Turks, albeit with only a nucleus of Mongo is supported by various references that the prescribed standards and Mughal practices and customs were often being pursued “in the fashion of Chingiz Khan” . The Empire of Timur was also an “extraordinary combination” of Turco-Mongol.
  • Military and political system ″ . The Barlas tribe to which Timur himself belonged was entirely a Turco-Mongol tribe.

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