AP (Advanced Placement) World History: Questions 267 - 269 of 442

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Question 267

Appeared in Year: 2013




Napoleon had realized that Austria՚s strength had not broken despite so many defeats and Prussia was thinking of waging war in favor of Austria.


Napoleon was not in a position to fight against the combined forces of both countries.


Choice (5)Response


Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are true and Ꭱ is the correct explanation of Ꭺ


Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are true but Ꭱ is NOT the correct explanation of Ꭺ


Ꭺ is true but Ꭱ is false


Ꭺ is false but Ꭱ is true


Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are false

Question 268

Appeared in Year: 2014



Chronologically arrange the countries defeated by France?

1. Prussia

2. Russia

3. Austria

Choose the correct option.


Choice (5)Response


3,2, 1


1,2, 3


3,1, 2


. 2,3, 1


Question does not provide sufficient data or is vague


I walk alongside the column, ask what՚s going on.

A soldier says simply: ″ They call up more every day.

″ Some of us were sent north to the Yellow River at age fifteen,

And now at forty we՚re heading off to the garrisons in the west.

On our first tour, the village headman had to tie our bandannas for us.

When we came back, our hair was white, but still there՚s more unrest.

The frontier garrisons run with blood, enough to fill an ocean,

But the Martial Emperor՚s territorial ambitions have yet to crest.

In the hundred districts east of the mountains, throughout the land of Han,

There must be ten thousand villages that brambles now infest.

Even if wives are strong enough to handle a hoe and plow,

The crops grow every which way, the fields are all a mess.

it՚s hardest for the Shanxi men, with their reputations as fighters:

they՚re rounded up like dogs or chickens, every male impressed.

″ But sir, though it՚s good of you to ask,

Complaining isn՚t part of the soldier՚s task.

We can only shake our heads. Take this winter:

The Shanxi troops were never sent home.

The District Officers are demanding the land tax,

But where will it come from? You can՚t get blood from a stone!

I honestly think it՚s bad luck to bear a son now,

it՚s better to have a daughter: at least she can marry

And live with the neighbors next door.

But a son will end up lying on some distant prairie. ″

Du Fu, “Ballad of the Army Carts,” ca. 750 C. E.

Question 269 (1 of 5 Based on Passage)



The paragraph furnishes information of which among the following with appreciation to gender relations present in Tang society?


Choice (5)Response


Imperial rescripts promoted the birth of eligible sons over daughters to achieve the conscription quotas.


Traditional Chinese gender connections were overturned during the domination of Empress Wu Zetian.


Confucian connections between wife and husband were still strong in Tang society.


Agricultural labor could be shared by men and women likewise.


All of the above

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