Most Important Terms (12 titles Topics) on AP (Advanced Placement) Microeconomics

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There are 12 titles terms and persons on AP (Advanced Placement) Microeconomics arranged below by topic-subtopic. Numbers in brackets number of titles on that topic/subtopic and effort as % of the total course. The green bars indicate the progress on a topic/subtopic (once you have marked the titles complete ).


Firm Behavior & Market Structure [4 Notes- 0.04% Effort]

Oligopoly [2 Notes- 0.02% Effort]

Monopolistic Competition [2 Notes- 0.02% Effort]

Market Failure & Role of Government [8 Notes- 0.09% Effort]

Externalities [3 Notes- 0.03% Effort]

Public Policy to Promote Competition [4 Notes- 0.04% Effort]

Income Distribution [1 Notes- 0.01% Effort]